GHC archeology and git commit hashes

Ben Gamari ben at
Fri Nov 18 00:15:30 UTC 2016

Ismael Figueroa <ifigueroap at> writes:

> Dear ghc devs,
> I'm doing some archeology of the GHC codebase, and I need to map every
> release to a given git tag/commit/hash. So far, based on the official
> webpage and Github mirror, I have done it for releases from 7.2.1 until
> 8.0.1. However, it is not clear to me:
> - whether there is a corresponding point in history for releases before
> 7.2.1
> - what are the corresponding commits, if any
> From what I can get at a glance, at this point in time the source code was
> managed in a DARCS repository, right?
> Would you please be so kind to point me in the right direction, in order to
> correctly perform this mapping?
I'm afraid this is well before my time. However, I'm CCing Ian who may
have something to offer here. However, I'm afraid it's possible that
this information is lost to time, especially if you need the
corresponding core library commits as well. Regardless, good luck!


- Ben

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