windows build

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Thu Nov 17 21:40:53 UTC 2016

Whizzo!  Window builds are up again.  Thank you!

Here are the errors I get, which seem more manageable.


Unexpected passes:
   rts/  T7037 [unexpected] (normal)

Unexpected failures:
   ghci/prog003/  prog003 [bad exit code] (ghci)
   plugins/     plugins07 [bad exit code] (normal)

Unexpected stat failures:
   perf/haddock/  haddock.compiler [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/should_run/           T876 [stat too good] (normal)

Framework failures:
   plugins/  plugins07 [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

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| Sent: 17 November 2016 15:24
| To: Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at>
| Subject: RE: windows build
| Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> writes:
| > OK thank you.
| >
| > Meanwhile, what about the RTS error?
| A fix has been merged for the RTS issue
| (b76958671cda1df9f6f0e1d54d681144d09cb06e). Tamar is still looking at the
| testsuite driver issue (#12554) and has a suspicion that the issue is
| file handle inheritance. He's going to try to put together a fix tonight.
| Cheers,
| - Ben

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