Windows build

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Wed Nov 30 22:50:50 UTC 2016

Thanks for all the work you've been doing on the Windows build.
As requested by Tamar I removed ghc-tarballs, and reconfigured.
Then I built from scratch.
I get the following testsuite failures

Unexpected failures:

   ghci/prog003/            prog003 [bad exit code] (ghci)

   plugins/               plugins05 [exit code non-0] (normal)

   plugins/               plugins01 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/               plugins07 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                  T10420 [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                 T10294a [bad exit code] (normal)

   plugins/                  T11244 [bad stderr] (normal)

   plugins/                 T12567a [bad exit code] (normal)

   rts/             testmblockalloc [bad exit code] (normal)

  simplCore/should_compile/  T7702 [exit code non-0] (normal)

Unexpected stat failures:

   perf/haddock/  haddock.compiler [stat not good enough] (normal)

Framework failures:

   ghci/scripts/  ghci062 [ghci-ext] ([Errno 17] File exists: '/c/Users/simonpj/AppData/Local/Temp/ghctest-anc5s5mh/test   spaces/./ghci/scripts/')

   plugins/     plugins07 [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/        T10420 [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/       T10294a [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   plugins/        T11244 [normal] (pre_cmd failed: 2)

   th/         TH_repPrim [ext-interp] ([Errno 17] File exists: '/c/Users/simonpj/AppData/Local/Temp/ghctest-anc5s5mh/test   spaces/./th/')

   th/       TH_repPatSig [ext-interp] ([Errno 17] File exists: '/c/Users/simonpj/AppData/Local/Temp/ghctest-anc5s5mh/test   spaces/./th/')

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