[Haskell] Compiling HXmlToolbox-3.01 on Mac OS X

Sachin Desai smdesai at pacbell.net
Sun Feb 22 14:58:43 EST 2004

Has anyone successfully compiled this Toolbox on Mac OS X (10.3.2)? 
I've installed ghc made through darwinports, compiled and installed MD5 
and am getting errors when building the toolbox.

For example, when I perform "make HXmlParser", I get the following (the 
first run compiled the modules, hence the Skipping)

ghc -Wall -O -fglasgow-exts 
-i./hparser:./hdom:./hvalidator:./hxpath:./parsec:./http:./popen --make 
-package lang -package net -package util -o HXmlParser 
Chasing modules from: examples/HXmlParser.hs
Skipping  RE               ( ./hvalidator/RE.hs, ./hvalidator/RE.o )
Skipping  AssocList        ( ./hdom/AssocList.hs, ./hdom/AssocList.o )
Skipping  NTree            ( ./hdom/NTree.hs, ./hdom/NTree.o )
Skipping  ParsecPos        ( ./parsec/ParsecPos.hs, 
./parsec/ParsecPos.o )
Skipping  ParsecError      ( ./parsec/ParsecError.hs, 
./parsec/ParsecError.o )
Skipping  ParsecPrim       ( ./parsec/ParsecPrim.hs, 
./parsec/ParsecPrim.o )
Skipping  ParsecChar       ( ./parsec/ParsecChar.hs, 
./parsec/ParsecChar.o )
Skipping  ParsecCombinator ( ./parsec/ParsecCombinator.hs, 
./parsec/ParsecCombinator.o )
Skipping  Base64           ( ./http/Base64.hs, ./http/Base64.o )
Skipping  XmlTreeTypes     ( ./hdom/XmlTreeTypes.hs, 
./hdom/XmlTreeTypes.o )
Skipping  XmlKeywords      ( ./hdom/XmlKeywords.hs, 
./hdom/XmlKeywords.o )
Skipping  XmlTreeFunctions ( ./hdom/XmlTreeFunctions.hs, 
./hdom/XmlTreeFunctions.o )
Skipping  MonadStateIO     ( ./hdom/MonadStateIO.hs, 
./hdom/MonadStateIO.o )
Skipping  Parsec           ( ./parsec/Parsec.hs, ./parsec/Parsec.o )
Skipping  POpen            ( ./popen/POpen.hs, ./popen/POpen.o )
Skipping  HTTP             ( ./http/HTTP.hs, ./http/HTTP.o )
Compiling Browser          ( ./http/Browser.hs, ./http/Browser.o )

.. lots of warnings ...

     Warning: Pattern match(es) are non-exhaustive
              In the definition of `headerToCookies':
                  Patterns not matched:
                      _ (Header (HdrCustom _) _)
                      _ (Header HdrCacheControl _)
                      _ (Header HdrConnection _)
                      _ (Header HdrDate _)

     Warning: Pattern match(es) are non-exhaustive
              In a case alternative:
                  Patterns not matched:
ghc-6.2: unknown package name: Main
make: *** [HXmlParser] Error 1

Does anyone have any insight on why I'm getting this? I've just started 
to learn Haskell and am not too familiar with the compilation process.

-- Sachin.

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