[Haskell] hmake -- on Windows?

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Fri Feb 20 18:35:34 EST 2004

At 18:06 20/02/04 +0000, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> > In particular, the installation instructions seem to dpeend on a
> > 'configure' utility, which I think is a Unix/Linux feature that I'm not
> > aware is available for Windows.
>'configure' is a shell-script included in the distribution,
>not a separate utility.  But hmake certainly depends on having a
>Bourne-compatible shell, both for installation and execution.

Ah, yes, I think I ran into a similar problem previously, and also couldn't 
run under Cygwin.

>Having said all this, Isaac Jones' Library Infrastructure Project
>is actively seeking to turn hmake into a Haskell-only library with
>a readily-accessible API, so the prospects of being able to use it
>natively on Windows will increase as that project matures.

Indeed!  My reason for looking into hmake is because I've been digging into 
LIP, and hmake seems to be a key component of the strategy for LIP.  If I 
come to understand the issues, maybe I can help in some small way.


Graham Klyne
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