[Haskell] 2-D Plots, graphical representation of massive data

Zabiyaka, Yuliya yuliyaz at amgen.com
Fri Aug 27 12:13:00 EDT 2004

>I would like to ask the original poster, who asked first about the 
>Matlab<->Haskell links
>what are her/his *concrete* problems...

I have a list of timestamps representing how long it takes a process to
finish under different conditions. I also have a summary of the stages that
process goes through. It is way too many numbers to make sense of them
without some kind of graphical representation. 
I get all these information out of Haskell simulator. Therefore I would like
to be able to do two things in Haskell:
1) analyze the data (mean, std dev etc) - that's the easy part and I more or
less know how to do it in Haskell
2) display result of the analysis (pie charts, histograms, plots) 


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