Proposal: accept pull requests on GitHub

Vincent Hanquez tab at
Thu Sep 3 10:43:55 UTC 2015

On 03/09/2015 10:53, Thomas Miedema wrote:
>     The real hint is that "the number of contributions will go up". That's
>     a noble goal and I think it's at the heart of this proposal.
> When you're going to require contributors to use a non-standard tool 
> to get patches to your code review system, it better just work. `arc` 
> is clearly failing us here, and I'm saying enough is enough.
Not only this, but there's (probably) lots of small/janitorial 
contributions that do not need the full power of phabricator or any 
sophisticated code review.

Not accepting github PRs and forcing everyone to go through an uncommon 
tool (however formidable), is quite likely to turn those contributions 
away IMHO.

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