pushing to haddock

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvriedel at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 12:37:30 UTC 2014

On 2014-06-06 at 14:11:21 +0200, Simon Peyton Jones wrote:
> I ran that command and it didn't complain. No idea whether it worked or not though!  This now appears in .gitconfig
> [url "ssh://git@github.com/haskell/haddock.git"]
> 	pushInsteadOf = ssh://git@ghc.haskell.org/haddock.git
> But shouldn't sync-all set this push-url stuff up correctly?  Having
> to remember to look for redirects in .gitconfig seems like one more
> way to get confused when looking at a .git/config file.

That's a valid argument of course.

Otoh, I consider the {insteadOf,pushInsteadOf} more convenient, as
it allows for simpler workflows, here's a few benefits I can see from
the top of my head:

 - You have to set it up once, and then something like

     git clone --recursive git://git.haskell.org/ghc.git

   simply works, even when you want to use the GitHub mirror and
   git.haskell.org is unreachable.

   (without that, you'd have to first clone ghc.git non-recursively from
   GitHub, then 'git submodule init', then rewrite the submodule urls, and
   then finally 'git submodule update')

 - If git.haskell.org goes down suddenly or you need to switch from
   git:// to https:// suddenly, simply reconfigure your git-redirects to
   point to the new Git urls. And everything works as before -- for
   *all* your local GHC clones, but uses the new locations. If
   git.haskell.org is back up, you can revert the redirects.

 - When working with multiple local GHC clones, you don't have to keep
   track whether you need to update the push-urls/fetch-urls for
   submodules for the invidual clone. If you have configured the global
   redirects properly in some other GHC clone, it'll just work for the
   other clones as well.

 - When switching between post/pre-submodule conversion states, the
   global redirects take care of preserving/providing the proper
   push-url mappings.

 - For the previously used standard use-case, the following simple

    git config --global \
       url."ssh://git@git.haskell.org/".pushInsteadOf \

   one-time "parametric" redirect rule setup, IMHO beats the complexity
   of the current './sync-all set-url --push' implementation which has
   nasty corner-cases to take into account.

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