Minor user guide fixes

Vilius Panevėžys vp at mikrovisata.net
Sun May 29 13:38:26 UTC 2022

On Sat, 28 May 2022 14:30:30 -0600
emilypi at cohomolo.gy wrote:

> gonna be completely honest - i appreciate the patches but i'm not
> going to go through the labor of applying something this trivial.
> Unless not using Github is a conscientious protest against ICE or
> their military contracts or the like , i'm liable to just reject
> email patches that are not security related or critical fixes on
> policy grounds.

I believe reliance on proprietary platforms is detrimental to free
software [1]. Note, though, I was not trying to circumvent the
preferred submission process as I mentioned in another email in this

Email has the lowest barrier to entry. By raising the barrier, drive-by
contributions are discouraged. Not only are they useful on their own,
any drive-by contribution may just be the first of many. Unless it
doesn't happen.

Imagine you came to volunteer at a charity event. It happens to be
hosted at a corporate office that has otherwise nothing to do with the
charity. However, the corporation requires every volunteer to enrol in
their loyalty programme (which includes analysing and accepting the
terms of service and privacy policy whatever it may be) before they are
allowed on premises. I would find that obnoxious.


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