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> Following Mikhail Glushenkov's advice I have prepared a separate tool that
> checks PVP compliance of imports as proposed in:

I added some feedback in this bug, before I saw this email.

> * How can I exclude automatically generated modules like Path_*.hs from
> the check?

Somewhere in the code there's a function for getting them. Unfortunately I
don't remember where. Not very helpful, I know.

> * How can I access modules that are preprocessed? HSC processed modules
> are stored in dist/build, but CPP processed modules are not stored anywhere.

Perhaps because GHC applies CPP "on the fly". I guess you prefer to use
haskell-src-exts, but using the GHC API might be better in the long run, as
your tool will work on all packages (more or less a requirement for cabal

> * How shall I cope with condition flags? Currently I use
> flattenPackageDescription. Alternatively I might only check the modules
> that are part of the current configuration. But I may miss many modules
> this way. I might perform checks on all possible configurations.
> * Can you give me advice on what I shall write to stdout and what to
> stderr? The purpose of the program is to generate a list of warnings. Shall
> they be written to stderr because they are warnings or shall they be
> written to stdout because they are the intended output of the program?

I think it depends on the context where this is run. If it was part of
cabal check, stderr. If it's a standalone tool, perhaps stdout.

> * Regarding levels of verbosity: How silent shall silent be? Shall the
> test results be emitted in silent mode or only in normal verbosity mode?

By test results you mean your warnings? I think we should consider making
this part of cabal check. I think we might want to only run it on the
library section for now and only optionally (i.e. using a flag) check
test-suites etc. The PVP really only applies to libraries.

-- Johan
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