Roman Cheplyaka roma at
Fri Feb 28 21:06:46 UTC 2014

* Johan Tibell <johan.tibell at> [2014-02-28 21:23:23+0100]
> > * How can I access modules that are preprocessed? HSC processed modules
> > are stored in dist/build, but CPP processed modules are not stored anywhere.
> >
> Perhaps because GHC applies CPP "on the fly". I guess you prefer to use
> haskell-src-exts, but using the GHC API might be better in the long run, as
> your tool will work on all packages (more or less a requirement for cabal
> integration.)

FWIW, hse-cpp[1] adds CPP preprocessing to haskell-src-exts, although
everyone should be advised against using it since its author doesn't
follow PVP.


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