DJ Penton djp at arqux.com
Tue Feb 18 19:21:14 UTC 2014

I have been away from Haskell for quite a long time for various reasons, and just got back to it last week. Back then I never got comfortable with Cabal, cabal-install, etc.

A couple of years ago I posted a gripe on this list about the Cabal user manual. It appears to me that it has been revised since then, and I must say that I find it much clearer and more informative. 

Now if I am wrong about it being revised, then my original complaint was unjustified, but if it HAS been improved, then this post is to thank whoever is responsible. I hope that person subscribes to this list.

I am also pretty happy so far with sandboxing and cabal repl. I may find wrinkles, but my frustration level as of today is way lower than when I went on hiatus from Haskell.

Nice work.

- DJ -

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