[Yhc] building yhc on FreeBSD

David Frech yhc at nimblemachines.com
Thu Mar 16 03:16:42 EST 2006

Folks -

I just recently (last night) did a darcs get of the yhc-devel source
and tried to build it on a FreeBSD system. I ran into a couple of
small problems, easily solved. It should be easy to tweak the
config/make setup to work with BSD systems, which put "external"
libraries (like gmp) in /usr/local.

The issue is that autoconf+configure and gcc aren't looking in
/usr/local/{include,lib} for the libgmp stuff (gmp.h and the

I have gmp 4.1.4 installed - probably because I installed GHC - so I
was surprised that libgmp wasn't being discovered.

I couldn't figure out - in the time that my patience allowed - how to
make autoconf do the right thing so I simply commented out the
configure checks (which were bombing out and claiming I didn't have a
gmp library) and added


to CFLAGS and


to LDFLAGS (in yhc-devel/src/runtime/BCKernel/Makefile), and added
"-lgmp" to LIBS in the toplevel Makefile.inc.

I was able to build everything (using "gmake" - what GNU make is
called on BSD systems), and ran "gmake tests" and got 51/51 passes.

Hope this helps,

- David

Life's better on two wheels.

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