[Yhc] Libraries

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 11:13:26 EST 2006


Just to inform everyone, I've got Data.Map and Data.Set going through
with Yhc, so maybe self-compiling isn't as far away as everyone (i.e.
Me) thought :)

The things that are required to get the haskell.org libraries working are:

1) Directory, which requires FFI (Tom is working on this)

2) Delete haskell98 package supplied with Yhc, most of this is in the
haskell.org haskell98 package, which needs setting up (should be easy)
(I will do this, after the other steps)

3) Move all the heirarchial stuff in yhc-base to Yhc.Internal.* -
absolutely everything must go in that namespace, including Prelude
etc. Some of the modules want to die (Data.Maybe) some just need
moving. Moving most should be easy, moving Prelude will probably be
hard. (I will probably need Tom's help for this)

4) Modify the haskell.org base package to be Yhc compatible, the
changes should be minimal. In particular Prelude will need to import
Yhc.Internal.Prelude. I have some rough patches, some features
required and just some general maintenance required. (Some bits are
going to be Tom's domain, I can do the rest).

This will make haskell98, base and yhc-base all required packages for
a default Yhc installation, and all required to build Yhc itself.



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