[xmonad] Help with achieving desired layout

Bryan Huh bhh1988 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 22:45:09 CET 2013


I'm looking to achieve a certain layout with xmonad, but I'm finding the 
codebase and language quite daunting.

I'm using "Mirror Tall" with dual monitors. The top half of my screens 
are for master windows, and the bottom half are for slave windows. I 
find though, that as long as I have more than one slave window in a 
workspace it makes the bottom half of the screen pretty unusable because 
it gets split evenly amongst all the slaves, and each slave window 
becomes unpleasant to view. It'd be nice if there was a main slave so 
that most or all of the "slave pane" is filled with the main slave 
window. Then I would have half of the screen filled with the master 
window, ~half filled with the main slave window, and a small fraction of 
the screen (maybe accordion style) filled with the remaining slaves. I 
imagine switching between the master and slave panes with alt-enter and 
alt-shift-enter, and navigating between slave windows with alt-j alt-k.

The DragPane layout is close to achieving my desired layout, but the 
problem is that whenever the master window is focused, the second window 
in the stack is shown in the slave pane. This means that if I'm looking 
at a particular slave window and want to now focus on the master window, 
the slave window switches back to the second window and I essentially 
lose my spot in the slave stack.

Does this make sense? How hard would this be to implement?


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