[xmonad] How to prefix workspace names with numbers?

Jacek Generowicz jacek.generowicz at cern.ch
Thu Oct 11 22:28:35 CEST 2012

Pablo Olmos de Aguilera C. writes:

> Hibernate has never worked ok with my laptops and I move my laptop almost
> everyday.

Understood. This is one of the two or three main reasons why I tolerated
OS X for 8 years: that shit just works (TM).

Incidentally, the immiscibility of XMonad and Aqua was one of, if not
*the* major reason for me moving back.

My hibernation was broken for a while until around a week ago.  Painful
times. (I've been back in Linux long enough now, that it's probably time
to ditch Ubuntu.) The trouble with trying to solve problems of this kind
is that it forces you to reboot your computer. Many times. And, by now,
you know how I feel about that.

Hint: TuxOnIce

> Even though, I proposed myself (once again) to try to get it working!
> (I have faith on TuxOnIce).

... Ah, you already know about it. Well, it worked like a charm for me.

> You xmonad configuration is really "sui generis",

Heh, yes, I'm a /sui generis/ kinda guy :-)

> It's well commented 

I tried. But I fell way short of the standards I was hoping to achieve,
before I could no longer justify spending any more time on XMonad. The
thing is, I know that a future me will, one day, invest another solid
chunk of time in trying to get XMonad to do his bidding ... and that
guy's a maniac, and he knows where I live.

> and has the best hotkey configuration I've ever seen.

Yes, I do like that scheme. Though I'm sure it could be made better,
it's already a huge improvement on the standard, scatter arcane
keybinding incantations in a random order approach.

One day, I'll get back to it and implement the keybindings display
feature. The trouble is that opening my config file and looking at that
table, is sufficiently painless, that that particular itch doesn't need
much scratching.

> I totally fell in love with it and I'm prolly going to make a
> big mix between mine and yours.

Cool! Makes me happy. I thank you for persuading me to post it.

>>> Oh, thanks, though I'm still used to gmail web interface =(.
>> That's something else that I find unfathomable. Email is essentially
>> text. To deal with it efficiently, I want to use the most efficient tool
>> I have for dealing with text. That would be the text editor I use daily,
>> and whose actions have been imprinting themselves into the core of my
>> nervous system over the course of many years. Regardless of what your
>> choice of editor is, I can't fathom why you would want to relinquish all
>> that in favour of a slow, cumbersome, inefficient, pointy-clickety
>> interface.
> I use the hotkeys which helps a bit, but after started using xmonad and then
> pentadactyl reaching the mouse it's a pain that I try to avoid at all costs.

Hmm, so Pentadactyl is the new Vimperator. I'm sure that you can guess
that I use Conkeror: still wouldn't let it anywhere near my mail.

>> OK, maybe managing your mail, as opposed to writing it, is something
>> that only Emacs users would understand/want/appreciate. But *writing*
>> your mail? Surely *everyone* would want to write their mail in their
>> standard text editor, rather than some ad-hoc one. (So that, for
>> example, if you want to prepend the author's initials to each of his
>> quoted lines, there's nothing to wonder about: it just happens
>> naturally.)
> Yeah, I somehow do that. In fact this email is being written in a gvim window.
> I use pentadactyl so after a couple of keystrokes (<C-i>) on a textarea throws
> me here.

Te-he. C-i takes me from a Conkeror textarea into Emacs. Still wouldn't
let it anywhere near my email :-)

> The only issue with that is that I still can't make xmonad understand that all
> these windows should be floating and not tiled =/.

Truth be told: I've never understood the point of these floating
windows, or how they actually work in XMonad. (Perhaps I don't make
enough use of stuff like GIMP.) When I get a floating window, it's often
only a matter of seconds before I tile the bugger, out of annoyance.

I'm sure that I could benefit from some education in this respect.

> I wrote in this list a while ago but every attempt to make a "generic"
> declaration with a managehook failed.
>> Personally, I just can't stomach any mail interface that is not Embedded
>> in Emacs. But then Emacs is pretty much my OS.
> I don't know if I can "embed" a mail interface in vim (I haven't searched), but
> I guess that mutt is the closest thing to that.

Chances are that it's not (sensibly) possible. It's very much an Emacs
cultural thing, to take whatever it is that you do repeatedly, and have
Emacs absorb it. Org-mode is an epic testament to this.

> Anyway, once again I felt motivated to get rid of the gmail web interface :)

I must stop leading you astray. :-)

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