[xmonad] Trouble getting modular setup to compile

Frank Terbeck ft at bewatermyfriend.org
Sun Dec 30 23:26:13 CET 2012

Hello Brandon,

Brandon Allbery wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 4:35 PM, Frank Terbeck <ft at bewatermyfriend.org>wrote:
>>         fullScreenNoBorders = smartBorders $ fullscreenFull Full
> Why are you using Full there?  There's no real point in modifying it to add
> the ability to switch the layout to Full when a window wants to be
> fullscreen; it's just a somewhat expensive way to say "smartBorders Full".
> (This is not, however, the problem; it should compile, it's just kinda
> pointless.)

I think this was the first layout that made my fullscreen workspace
work. It's quite possible, that it's not the best way to achieve it.
It's not like I'm an expert with all this. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, though, I'll use that in the future.

> lib/XMonad/Config/FT/Layouts.hs:25:45:
>>     No instance for (XMonad.Core.LayoutClass Circle a0)
>>       arising from a use of `|||'
> This looks suspicious to me.  Circle *is* an instance of LayoutClass... but
> it may be an instance of the *wrong* LayoutClass.  Which is to say, you may
> have multiple versions of xmonad and possibly xmonad-contrib registered
> with ghc, and the instances are being pulled from different versions and
> don't match up as a result.  (Normally you see this when package versions
> suddenly start showing up as prefixes in type or typeclass names, but there
> are screw cases where you can't see this... such as when it's only
> typeclass instances that mismatch.)

Hm, wouldn't this affect the monolithic setup, too though?

> Use "ghc-pkg list" to make sure there is exactly one xmonad and exactly one
> XMonadContrib and that they match each other.

AFAICS, both packages are installed one time:

% ghc-pkg list

Regards, Frank

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