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Brandon Allbery allbery.b at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 15:33:31 CET 2011

On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 08:21, Ramon Diaz-Uriarte <rdiaz02 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Nov 2011 08:23:20 +0000,Anthony Campbell <ac at acampbell.org.uk>
> wrote:
> > On 08 Nov 2011, Ramon Diaz-Uriarte wrote:
> > > Jonas, thanks. You were right. It was straightforward (Debian includes
> > > cabal-install) and I did not notice any change (which is good!) after
> > > xmonad --recompile; xmonad --restart.
> > Doesn't work here (Debian Sid). It complains that there is no installed
> > version of base. (See my earlier post about this on the list,)
> Anthony, I am also using Debian (a mix of unstable and testing, with a few
> experiemental packages). I checked the output of your ghc-pkg list and it
> seems similar to mine. Both do include base-

I'll have to dig back into this thread to find the mentioned post, but I
will note that when cabal complains about not being able to satisfy "base
-any" it *usually* means that there are conflicting boot library versions
around that break the "base" package.  (That is, it really means that there
is no combination of package versions that results in "base" being usable.)

(ghc 7.2.x changed things in a way that can cause that error, by making the
haskell98 package incompatible with modules compiled *without* haskell98;
this breaks some of XMonadContrib's dependencies, in particular off the top
of my head X11-xft uses haskell98 but XMC doesn't.)

BTW, it would help if you posted the entire error you got.

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