[xmonad] Mod Key Issues - Sometimes

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Mar 24 16:59:31 CET 2011

No, this is definitely not a common problem. Could you put your config  
somewhere online and point us to it? (e.g. hpaste.org) Could you also  
give detailed instructions for reproducing the problem (i.e. detailed  
enough for someone like me who has never used Rhythmbox before to  


Quoting Matt Freeman <matt at mattfreeman.co.uk>:

> I been using Xmonad for a few months.
> My config is pretty simple, about the minimum 10 line example.
> When I first started I was using the default mod key of alt, this
> worked well 95% of time, although some programs alt key to access the
> menu would no longer be available. I also occasionally noticed that
> mod+l and mod+h would occasionally stop work, not frequently enough to
> curse but still annoying have to logout and back in again.
> Recently I switched to win key as my mod key. This works 98% of time.
> But in certain programs e.g. part of Rhythm box. I.e. once you go to
> Radio start a stream then window key binding doesnt (in most other
> parts of the app its fine), and still the occasionally not working on
> h and l. 98% is better than 95%
> Is this a known frustration and what is the best way to compensate
> when such problems occur?
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