[xmonad] Dual screen setup with (dual-screen) workspace swithching

Kuba kubaraczkowski at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 09:56:18 CET 2011


I am quite new to xmonad, but I find it quite useful :D (compared to my
window-dragging coworkers, who don't see the sense :D)

The story is:
I have a working dual-screen setup, where each screen is a workspace. This
is probably the most default way to have it...

My problem is, that I mostly work with apps that produce a lot of windows.
This is the first reason why I have dual-screen setup after all...
So I arrange nicely all the windows on the two screens (say [1] and [2]),
but I also work with multiple instances of the application. That means I
have another application (with similarly-looking windows) on screens [2] and
[3]. And another on [4][5]. And another.... Now here's the catch:
When I want to switch to the other project (2,3) i need to change BOTH
workspaces (say: mod-w,mod-3, mod-e,mod-4). Then to go back the procedure

This is annoying...
It is even more annoying if I forget on which dual-workspaces my apps were,
and I mess instance 1 with instance 2 (say have workspaces [1] and [4]).
Then my app responds in silly way (of course) and I don't see why...

So the question is:
Is it possible to have a setup with 'dual-screen,dual-sub-workspace'
workspaces? So to have [1][2] merged in [super1] and [3][4] merged into
[super2] ?
So when I switch to [super1] i get [1][2], and so on...

It could be that [1][2] is merged into a big [1] (but preserving the
mod-w,mod-e functionality!! That's a must!), so that (mod-shift-1) would
move some other window to that workspace... I don't mind that it would end
up in either say [1a] or [1b], that I can manage later ;)

Thanks and regards,
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