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On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 07:49:40AM -0500, Sean Allen wrote:
> In my case, the multiple window app is Eclipse.
> I have a dual monitor setup with each screen having its own set
> of workspaces.  Eclipse being what it is, I want to be able to
> pull some of its tabs out into their own windows on the
> 'secondary' monitor. I can do that but when I quit eclipse and
> start it back up, everything opens on 1 monitor with the main
> eclipse window opening behind the others that are floating ( I
> assume they get marked as transient or something like that... )
> Are there any blog posts, modules, example configs out there
> that I can take a look at to figure out how to get this setup
> working on application launch?

Basically you could use managehooks to position the windows on
the workspaces/monitors you want them to be.

For switching to eclipse you could also reuse my module for
linking workspaces:

It allows the user to define a set of matching workspaces so that
when you jump to the first one, the other monitors are switched
to the corresponding workspaces.

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