[xmonad] multiple window apps

Sean Allen sean at monkeysnatchbanana.com
Wed Mar 9 13:49:40 CET 2011

In my case, the multiple window app is Eclipse.

I have a dual monitor setup with each screen having its own set of workspaces.
Eclipse being what it is, I want to be able to pull some of its tabs
out into their own
windows on the 'secondary' monitor. I can do that but when I quit
eclipse and start it
back up, everything opens on 1 monitor with the main eclipse window
opening behind
the others that are floating ( I assume they get marked as transient
or something like
that... )

Are there any blog posts, modules, example configs out there that I
can take a look at
to figure out how to get this setup working on application launch?

Any other advice is appreciated as well. In case it helps, here is my
current xmonad.hs:


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