[xmonad] Issue 459 in xmonad: Focus does not follow mouse when changing workspace

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Fri Jun 10 18:36:07 CEST 2011

	Status: Fixed
	Labels: Usability

Comment #1 on issue 459 by wirtwo... at gmail.com: Focus does not follow mouse  
when changing workspace

The current behavior is default since the most common usage when switching  
to a workspace is to continue working in the window you were in when you  
switched away.

However, in darcs xmonad-contrib, you can use XMonad.Actions.UpdateFocus to  
enable output(2) whereby mouse motion over unfocused windows causes them to  
be focused. The extension uses handleEventHook which is only in darcs  
xmonad, so a full upgrade to darcs xmonad and xmonad-contrib versions is  

Marking as fixed in darcs unless further issues arise.

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