[xmonad] Issue 459 in xmonad: Focus does not follow mouse when changing workspace

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Fri Jun 10 11:02:50 CEST 2011

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New issue 459 by christia... at gmail.com: Focus does not follow mouse when  
changing workspace

The following assumes focusFollowsMouse = True

Steps to reproduce:
1. Prepare a workspace with two terminals separated vertically like this:  
2. Make sure the first terminal T1 has focus.
3. Switch to another workspace.
4. Position the mouse cursor in the right region of the screen so that it  
will hover over T2 when you switch back to that workspace.
5. Switch back to the workspace prepared in step 1.

Expected output should be one of the following:
1. T2 should automatically gain focus since the mouse now hover that  
2. Focus should remain but as soon as you move the mouse cursor (thus  
hovering T2 again) it should switch focus to T2.

Current behavior forces me to move the cursor first over T1 (which still  
has focus) and then back over T2 or alternately click T2.

I am using xmonad version 0.9.2. I have attached my configuration file  
which is pretty close to default.

	xmonad.hs  11.1 KB

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