[xmonad] Issue 373 in xmonad: Hlintify XMonad & XMonadContrib

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Wed Aug 10 23:50:00 CEST 2011

Comment #2 on issue 373 by wil... at willem.vanlint.name: Hlintify XMonad &  

I've patched a few of the Hlint flags in xmonad core.
It is indeed a nice beginner project, I learned a lot.
I left one of the eta reduction warnings in there due to readability and I  
didn't alter the naming of the atoms to camelCase due to their origin.

When applying another eta reduction, I noticed the redundant use was a  
solution for the monomorphism restriction. This was changed by using scoped  
type variables also due to the possibility that generalisation isn't done  
in nested expressions  

Any comments on my patch are welcome.

	hlint-fixes.dpatch  14.7 KB

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