[xmonad] On mac os the window boundaries are sometimes drawn, sometimes not, and sometimes partially.

Brandon S Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
Sun Oct 31 14:19:21 EDT 2010

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On 10/28/10 16:09 , Ryan Newton wrote:
> I haven't figured out exactly when each situation occurs... but one thing is
> for certain, if I'm doing full screen X11.app and switch to a different app
> then come back, the borders don't get redrawn.  I can press mod+space to get
> them to refresh manually, but they're not always drawn correctly even then.
> Sometimes there will be partial-borders drawn around part of a window.

X11.app had a bug like this; I think the currently released MacPorts /
MacOSForge XQuartz still has the bug but the upcoming release (it's in rc2 I
think) doesn't.  It also manifests as e.g. the event box in the xev window
not being drawn properly, so you can use that as a test to see if it's the
X11 bug vs. xmonad.

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