[xmonad] Re: Issue 189 in xmonad: MultiToggle to Full and tabbed layout makes X crusn

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Thu Oct 28 16:13:37 EDT 2010

Comment #6 on issue 189 by aleks.dimitrov: MultiToggle to Full and tabbed  
layout makes X crusn

Hello, I'm not the original author, but I just wanted to say that I ran  
into this issue yesterday, too. At first it manifested itself in XMonad  
consistently segfaulting, and when I pried a little harder, I could  
reproduce the OPs exact problem (I think.) The following configuration  
triggers it:

import XMonad
import XMonad.Layout.LayoutCombinators hiding ((|||))
import XMonad.Layout.MultiToggle
import XMonad.Layout.MultiToggle.Instances
import XMonad.Layout.Combo
import XMonad.Layout.Tabbed

layouts = mkToggle (NOBORDERS ?? FULL ?? EOT)
           $ simpleTabbed **||*** Full

main = do xmonad $ defaultConfig { layoutHook = layouts }

I'm using XMonad 0.9.1, Unbuntu 10.10 (using the XMonad version of the  
Ubuntu repo.)

In my case, xmonad usually segfaults when I try to change something about  
the workspace's dimensions (say, mod-H or mod-L or mod-B, all of which  
trigger resizing of the windows.)

Any way to work around this?

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