[xmonad] TabBarDecoration - Default vs Custom resize bug?

Ethan Schoonover es at ethanschoonover.com
Tue Oct 19 13:34:54 EDT 2010

I struggled with Layout.Tabbed for quite a while... its performance
with more than a couple tabs was sluggish and I couldn't get it to

Layout.TabBarDecoration is *much* more responsive. Almost no lag
changing tabs. Awesome! Thanks Andrea Rossato. I miss some of the
flexibility of Layout.Tabbed, but I'll sacrifice it for the speed of

My only question about Layout.TabBarDecoration is whether the
following behavior is intentional or a bug?

When I use *simpleTabBar*, it automatically invokes
XMonad.Layout.ResizeScreen.resizeVertical with a fixed value of 20.
When using the custom tabBar function, however, it doesn't resize the
screen properly, regardless of whether I assign a decoHeight in the

I can work around this by applying ResizeScreen myself in my
layoutHook but it looked to me like this might be something missing in
the TabBarDecoration module?

I am very probably missing something obvious, so feel free to school
me on this one...

Ethan Schoonover

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