[xmonad] Mirroring OneBig layout?

Felix Blanke felixblanke at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 17:32:27 EDT 2010


I wanted to try OneBig to see if I can help you, but:

When importing "XMonad.Layout.OneBig", after reloading xmonad complains about not finding other layouts which worked before. Removing OneBig layout doesn't fix that problem?! I have to copy my xmonad.hs from a backup, reload axmonad nd then it works again. The file from the backup is the same file then before after removing OneBig layout, kind of wired?!

I have xmonad-contrib-0.9 installed:


What the hell is going on there?!


On 19. October 2010 - 10:03, Jim Cheetham wrote:
> Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:03:51 +1300
> From: Jim Cheetham <jim at gonzul.net>
> To: xmonad <xmonad at haskell.org>
> Subject: [xmonad] Mirroring OneBig layout?
> I'm finding OneBig to be a very effective layout for widescreen
> monitors; but my visual attention point is between two monitors; I'd
> like to be able to change the position of the big window. Just to
> top-right would be a start (I failed to understand 'Mirror' already)
> but potentially also to be able to nominate any corner for the big
> window (to accommodate the top row of monitors in a 4-screen square
> configuration)
> Can someone please give me some examples/pointers on how to achieve this?
> -jim, who still hasn't grokked Haskell despite loving XMonad ...
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