[xmonad] Skype in the IM layout - again

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 13:08:13 EDT 2010

* On Saturday, June 26 2010, Nathan Huesken wrote:

>I asked the question a while ago, it never worked for me but I stopped
>worring because I started using pidgin instead of skype ...
>The question is how to get the IM layout to accept the skype buddy list.
>I finally tried this:
>withIM (1%7) skype (LG.Grid False) where
>  skype = Title "<username> - Skype™ (Beta)"
>where I actually copied the string "<username> - Skype™ (Beta)" from
>the xprop output.
>But it does not work :(. What could this be? Maybe the "TM" symbol is
>recognized incorrectly?
>Can I somehow change this, so it is recognized when the title only
>contains my <username>?

Hello Nathan,

You can't match on a prefix because IM uses
"XMonad.Util.WindowProperties" (instead of a function, because you need
to be able to read/show functions to serialize xmonad state across
restarts). You'd have to add another constructor to Property, and a
corresponding case for propertyToQuery. Alternatively, the IM layout
could be changed to respond to a message sent using the ManageHook
(though things may be tricky for targeting the right IM layout modifier
if you have multiple in a single layout).

But perhaps you try xmonad from darcs which has this fix for encoding:
http://code.google.com/p/xmonad/issues/detail?id=302. If the patch
mentioned in #2 for the X11 binding is applied, things will be broken
again, however.


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