[xmonad] Skype in the IM layout - again

Nathan Huesken xmonad at lonely-star.org
Sat Jun 26 12:39:19 EDT 2010


I asked the question a while ago, it never worked for me but I stopped
worring because I started using pidgin instead of skype ...

The question is how to get the IM layout to accept the skype buddy list.
I finally tried this:

withIM (1%7) skype (LG.Grid False) where
  skype = Title "<username> - Skype™ (Beta)"

where I actually copied the string "<username> - Skype™ (Beta)" from
the xprop output.

But it does not work :(. What could this be? Maybe the "TM" symbol is
recognized incorrectly?

Can I somehow change this, so it is recognized when the title only
contains my <username>?


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