[xmonad] withIM combination

Alessandro Massignan ff0000.it at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 04:44:07 EST 2010

Hi Henrique,

i opt for a brute-force solution: uninstall skype-staticqt and install
skype, so windows
role come out... i don't know why...
So i rearrange again my layout and now it looks like that:

tabLayout    = (tabbed shrinkText myTabbedTheme)
comL         = avoidStruts $
               smartBorders $
               (dragPane Horizontal 0.1 0.5)
               (withIM (0.20) (pidginRoster) tabLayout)
               (withIM (0.20) (skypeRoster) tabLayout)
               (ClassName "Pidgin")
pidginRoster = (ClassName "Pidgin") `And`
               (Role "buddy_list")
skypeRoster  = (ClassName "Skype")     `And`
               (Not (Title "Options")) `And`
               (Not (Role "Chats"))    `And`
               (Not (Role "CallWindowForm"))

it works perfect! Thanks for all suggestions! :-)
Kudos to you and to XMonad of course! :-D


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