[xmonad] (sub)layout set up

Henrique G. Abreu hgabreu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 22:05:46 EST 2010

Hi all,

I want to set up a layout that treats two matched windows as one, like
always side-by-side.
I also want to be able to switch the "master" layout, like: Tall ..
||| Mirror Tall .. ||| simpleTabbed
and keep this pair of windows always together side-by-side in this layouts.
Of course I will have other windows involved in this layouts and
that's the point.

I've tried sublayout but I found it to hard to set.
Also tried ComboP combineTwoP, which comes close to what I want but
has sad limitations
like "reserving" the area to the 2nd layout and not being able to
switch the ruling layout.
Does it make sense or I'm wanting something too odd?

Henrique G. Abreu

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