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Henrique G. Abreu hgabreu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 21:16:32 EST 2010

> how can i handle them if role is empty?
Not possible, you must workaround with the props that are set by the app.
That's weird, check if you're using the latest skype for linux, which
I remember previous versions not setting windows roles accordingly.
Anyway here are my xprop output on each skype window:
WM_WINDOW_ROLE = "MainWindow"
WM_WINDOW_ROLE = "CallWindowForm"

>Is there some way to regexping WM_NAME?
Not that I know of. The app must have this feature (like terminals), which
they normally don't have.

Henrique G. Abreu

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 23:15, Alessandro Massignan <ff0000.it at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> > Also new skype for linux (2.1) sets appropriate
> > roles to its windows which makes matching them a lot easier.
> > The 'role field' in xprop is WM_WINDOW_ROLE. In order to cut xprop crap I
> > have this alias set in my .bashrc
> > alias xprop='xprop -notype WM_CLASS WM_NAME WM_WINDOW_ROLE'
> You spoil me :-D!
> This is my xprop result on skype roster:
> WM_CLASS = "skype", "Skype"
> WM_NAME = "<USERNAME> - Skype™ (Beta)"
> WM_WINDOW_ROLE:  not found.
> on chat window:
> ff0000 at regulus:~$ xprop -notype WM_CLASS WM_NAME WM_WINDOW_ROLE
> WM_CLASS = "skype", "Skype"
> WM_NAME = "<BUDDY_ALIAS> - Skype™ Chat"
> WM_WINDOW_ROLE:  not found.
> how can i handle them if role is empty? Is there some way to regexping
> WM_NAME? :-|
> Cheers,
> ff0000
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