[xmonad] withIM combination

Alessandro Massignan ff0000.it at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 20:15:09 EST 2010


> Also new skype for linux (2.1) sets appropriate
> roles to its windows which makes matching them a lot easier.
> The 'role field' in xprop is WM_WINDOW_ROLE. In order to cut xprop crap I
> have this alias set in my .bashrc
> alias xprop='xprop -notype WM_CLASS WM_NAME WM_WINDOW_ROLE'
You spoil me :-D!
This is my xprop result on skype roster:

WM_CLASS = "skype", "Skype"
WM_NAME = "<USERNAME> - Skype™ (Beta)"
WM_WINDOW_ROLE:  not found.

on chat window:

ff0000 at regulus:~$ xprop -notype WM_CLASS WM_NAME WM_WINDOW_ROLE
WM_CLASS = "skype", "Skype"
WM_NAME = "<BUDDY_ALIAS> - Skype™ Chat"
WM_WINDOW_ROLE:  not found.

how can i handle them if role is empty? Is there some way to regexping
WM_NAME? :-|


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