[xmonad] Re: Only report focused workspace as active to EWMH

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Sun Oct 11 17:37:01 EDT 2009


Am Sonntag, den 11.10.2009, 11:59 -0600 schrieb Justin Bogner:
> Joachim Breitner writes:
> > I didn’t try it, because at the moment I don’t have a second screen, but
> > from what I read, I’m unsure if it’s a good idea.
> >
> > Not having windows that are not on the current workspace show up in
> > window lists is a bad idea, as more than just a workspace switcher
> > relies on that (window lists, and even unrelated tools like my arbtt,
> > need to have all windows in _NET_CLIENT_LIST).
> >
> > (but maybe I’m misunderstanding your patch)
> I don't mess with _NET_CLIENT_LIST, it still reports all windows.
> If you have two monitors, and they're pointing at workspaces 1 and 2,
> with 1 being active and 2 merely visible, my patch reports the windows
> on 1 as belonging to workspace 1 (the active workspace) and the windows
> on 2 as belonging to workspace 2.
> The previous behaviour had all visible windows (those from both 1 and 2)
> reported as being on workspace 1, so that they'd all be on the active
> workspace (since EWMH has no concept of two workspaces being visible at
> once)

I vaguely remember fighting with this issue when writing the EWMH
module. I think I had a reason for choosing this variant, but I don’t
remember it any more. Given that I don’t use multiple screens at the
moment, I won’t object this patch and leave the discussions to those who
do have several monitors.


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