[xmonad] Re: Issue 322 in xmonad: Background shown when workspace switches

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Wed Nov 18 20:38:30 EST 2009

Comment #3 on issue 322 by jaortega: Background shown when workspace  

I'd like to second sgsoftware's opionion: i've also noticed a degradation  
of xmonad's
behaviour on this regard (in my case, with the use of a background image).  
addition, using the same X server and a different lightweight window  
manager (such as
sawfish or stumpwm), i don't see any flicker or redrawing when switching  
the windows popup instantly, as used to be the case in older versions of  
xmonad. If
the flickering were caused by the X server, one would expect it to appear  
also in
those other wm (which, AFAICT, are not compositing either).

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