[xmonad] Problem with Emacs and XMonad

Zsolt Dollenstein zsol+lists at elte.hu
Tue Jun 9 17:33:59 EDT 2009

Deniz Dogan wrote:
> 2009/6/9 Bruce Stephens <xmonad at cenderis.demon.co.uk>:
>> Deniz Dogan <deniz.a.m.dogan at gmail.com> writes:
>>> 2009/6/9 Constantine Verutin <cverutin at gmail.com>:
>> [...]
>>>> The solution is to set up emacs font in .Xresources, not in ~/.emacs
>>> Thanks for your reply. This method worked just fine in earlier
>>> versions of Emacs 23, but since a few months ago, it doesn't seem to
>>> work anymore. Setting the font in ~/.emacs doesn't work either, so
>>> I'm kind of lost for ideas.
>> Works for me, though I use .Xdefaults rather than .Xresources, and
>> (probably critically) I have "xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults" executed
>> during X session startup.
> Even when merging .Xdefaults it doesn't work. Are you by any chance
> using emacsclient? Because this only seems to happen with the first
> frame opened with normal Emacs. Any additional frames in the same
> Emacs instances behave correctly.

This works for me, worth a try (I think the key is the
window-setup-hook, the documentation of which says not to touch, but oh
well... :]):

(setq zsol-default-font

(add-hook 'window-setup-hook 'set-font-and-color)

(add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions
          (lambda (frame)
            (select-frame frame)

(defun set-font-and-color ()
  (if window-system
        (set-face-font 'default zsol-default-font))


P.s.: Sorry if it gets through twice, my MUA went crazy..

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