[xmonad] Problem with Emacs and XMonad

Constantine Verutin cverutin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 18:21:23 EDT 2009


> > The solution is to set up emacs font in .Xresources, not in ~/.emacs
> >
> > --
> > WBR,
> > Constantine
> Thanks for your reply. This method worked just fine in earlier
> versions of Emacs 23, but since a few months ago, it doesn't seem to
> work anymore. Setting the font in ~/.emacs doesn't work either, so I'm
> kind of lost for ideas.

Well, I'm using emacs23 too(emacs-snapshot debian package, I believe it's
the CVS snapshot), and this solution still works for me. So, just re-check
if you're not changing any fonts in your ~/.emacs
(Actually, the problem here is that if you re-define your fonts in ~/.emacs,
then emacs will start with default(or defined in .Xresources/.Xdefaults)
fonts and only then fonts will be changed to the ones defined in dot-emacs
file and that drives emacs crazy in tiled WMs)

Again, first do not change any font settings in ~/.emacs, and then check if
there will be any success

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