[xmonad] startup programs

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat Jul 25 20:36:39 EDT 2009

> Hello everyone,
> After making the usual statement that I'm completely new to xmonad and I have
> no clue about haskell, I have loved xmonad and I have a question to find out if
> I can make more out of it:
> I'm using fedora linux with xmonad and i'm preparing for a music performance. I
> need at the concert to be able to startup my laptop and if possible to have
> everything up and running, without having to switch between desktops and run
> terminals & programs. This means that I don't only want to run some programs at
> startup (which could be done in the usual way for linux with a startup script -
> although I don't really know much about it) but I want the programs to be ran
> from terminals and be placed in the desktops in the way I would do manually
> after launching xmonad.
> Is this possible with xmonad? Any simple tutorials available on this? Thanks,

The easiest way is to add the required programs to your .xinitrc or
.xsession file, which is arranged to run before the window manager is

Here's the general overview:


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