[xmonad] problems restarting xmonad on the fly

Thomas Friedrich info at suud.de
Sat Jul 18 15:05:25 EDT 2009

Wirt Wolff wrote:
> Most likely your xmonad is not in the PATH in the environment from which
> you start X and xmonad. i.e. it's somewhere like ~/.cabal/bin or ~/bin.
> This PATH may not be the same as your shell PATH, so xmonad --recompile &&
> xmonad --restart can work even if mod-q doesn't.
> To fix this add /path/to/ (xmonad location) to PATH in environment from
> which you start X, add link to xmonad in system path (somewhere like
> /usr/bin), or use the full path in your mod-q binding like:
> , ((modm, xK_q), spawn "/path/to/xmonad --recompile; /path/to/xmonad --restart")
> Excerpts from Thomas Friedrich's message of Fri Jul 17 14:16:53 -0600 2009:
>> [with darcs xmonad everything's] fine, however, when I\
>>  restart xmonad on the fly I now experience some strange behavior.  
>> Whenever I restart xmonad (e.g. pressing M-q), my ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs 
>> does not seem to com\
>> pile correctly -- that is not at all.  Instead I fall back to 
>> xmonad-defaults and find a xmonad-i386-linux in my ~/.xmonad/ directory:
>> $ ls
>> xmonad  xmonad-i386-linux  xmonad.errors  xmonad.hi  xmonad.hs  xmonad.o
>> $ cat xmonad.errors
> The contents of your ~/.xmonad is normal. Restarting X or mod-q rebuilds
> a new xmonad-$ARCH-$OS binary, so that part's good.
>> on the commandline:
>>     Warning: -no-recomp is deprecated: Use -fforce-recomp instead
>> Where would I need to set the flag -fforce-recomp?  Where would I need 
>> to change what?
> afaik this has already been changed in darcs since February 0.9. It's in
> XMonad.Core. Maybe you're using an old version of the darcs repo?
> regards,
Thanks so much.  I expliciatly told xmonad where to recompile and this 
solved the problem.


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