[xmonad] [xmonad-contrib] darcs patch: FocusNth again

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 09:55:08 EST 2009

Excerpts from Gwern Branwen's message of Fri Feb 06 11:08:27 -0700 2009:
> 2008/10/19 Aleksey P. Artamonov <aleksey.artamonov at gmail.com>:
> >
> > Sun Oct 19 17:03:30 EEST 2008  Aleksey Artamonov
> > <aleksey.artamonov at gmail.com>
> >  * FocusNth improvements fixed
> >
> I have no opinion on this patch, but Karsten Schoelzel is the
> maintainer for UpdatePoiinter.
> Karsten: is this patch accepted or rejected?

This functionality is very nice. It is similar to number key actions in
A.CycleWindows but easier to set up to select subset of windows in the
stack, or leave floats till last.  Also, doesn't require two keypresses
like A.CycleWindows, i.e. many people may want a single keypress to focus
nth rather than one to enter cycling mode, then one to focus window. Works
well for me and applies cleanly.

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