[xmonad] YAML x config. files --[addendum]--

Roy Lanek lanek at novenine.com
Fri Feb 6 03:32:02 EST 2009


>From the manual:

    YAML::Tiny - Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible


       The YAML specification is huge. Really, really huge. It contains all
    the functionality of XML, except with flexibility and choice, which makes
    it easier to read, but with a formal specification that is more complex
    than XML.

       The original pure-Perl implementation YAML costs just over 4 megabytes
    of memory to load. Just like with Windows .ini files (3 meg to load)
    and CSS (3.5 meg to load) the situation is just asking for a YAML::Tiny
    module, an incomplete but correct and usable subset of the functionality,
    in as little code as possible.

       Like the other "::Tiny" modules, YAML::Tiny will have no non-core
    dependencies, not require a compiler, and be back-compatible to at least
    perl 5.005_03, and ideally 5.004.

And truly YAML::Tiny is _very_ fast ... I am not able to distinguish a 'cqac'
[see prev. post] which uses YAML::Tiny on the flight, from a 'cqac' which
reads already parsed, dumped non YAML formatted data from a file.

Ergo, it's better/less complicated to use just one, YAML-configuration file.

This for Perl already. I imagine with Haskell, where ghc is generating a, in
general, significantly faster code ...

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::AMMMMMMMMMM Slackware Linux MMMMMMMMMM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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