[xmonad] YAML x config. files --[addendum]--

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Feb 6 11:22:17 EST 2009

BTW, If you're interested in this, you can certainly write a contrib
extension that loads the configuration data for xmonad from a yaml file.

there's a library here for parsing yaml,


so now it is just a matter of constructing a module to read in that


    main = xmonad =<< readyaml

> Addendum:
> >From the manual:
>     YAML::Tiny - Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible
>        The YAML specification is huge. Really, really huge. It contains all
>     the functionality of XML, except with flexibility and choice, which makes
>     it easier to read, but with a formal specification that is more complex
>     than XML.
>        The original pure-Perl implementation YAML costs just over 4 megabytes
>     of memory to load. Just like with Windows .ini files (3 meg to load)
>     and CSS (3.5 meg to load) the situation is just asking for a YAML::Tiny
>     module, an incomplete but correct and usable subset of the functionality,
>     in as little code as possible.
>        Like the other "::Tiny" modules, YAML::Tiny will have no non-core
>     dependencies, not require a compiler, and be back-compatible to at least
>     perl 5.005_03, and ideally 5.004.
> And truly YAML::Tiny is _very_ fast ... I am not able to distinguish a 'cqac'
> [see prev. post] which uses YAML::Tiny on the flight, from a 'cqac' which
> reads already parsed, dumped non YAML formatted data from a file.
> Ergo, it's better/less complicated to use just one, YAML-configuration file.
> This for Perl already. I imagine with Haskell, where ghc is generating a, in
> general, significantly faster code ...
> /Roy
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