[xmonad] Re: YAML x config. files

Roy Lanek lanek at novenine.com
Fri Feb 6 10:05:41 EST 2009

Not sure to have interpreted you correctly. Are you saying, or implying
that XMonad has been implemented for the fun and recreation of the Haskell
programmers? Or, if XMonad has not to be regarded as a toy, or a sandbox, that
it can't be more adequately configured except than by writing native Haskell

Please notice that I am not saying that _everything_ is configuration file
needs to be trashed if it's written in Haskell. I am in favor of a hybrid
solution: Haskell there where it would be clumsier, more laborious, or error
prone to try to circumvent it. Other formats, a simplified YAML e.g., there
where things are mundane or trivial. Maybe it can get close to something such
80/20. Plus, as YAML::Tiny shows, there is no loss of efficiency.

XMonad doesn't interest me because of some exotic reasons ... Haskell being
chic, say. What is attracting me--notice that there are window managers that
*might* be better (a relative notion) than XMonad ... still, at the least--is
the choice of the _implementation_ language ... finally away from C and
C++! (I can program in both C and C++ FYI.) And XMonad's potential (being
programmed in Haskell ... I modestly regard myself as an expert in using and
interpreting lint).

Personally I would have chosen Modula-3 (I know, Modula-3 has been
*terminated*.) But Haskell is a good choice too.

> The real reason why a non-Haskell config is undesirable is ...

Not real to me. I make you an example, a ... *classic* one. Statistics show
that cigarettes smokers and meat eaters die sooner. And true, certainly
smoking and excessive meat eating are factors. But perhaps more *negative*
than tobacco or the meat per se is that cigarette smokers, coffee drinkers and
meat eaters live and behave differently than vegetarians, yogurt eaters, and
herbal tea drinkers in general.


/Roy lanek
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