[xmonad] Re: Issue 197 in xmonad: Blocking on nextEvent stops other threads from running

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Tue Dec 1 08:57:30 EST 2009

Comment #6 on issue 197 by vogt.adam: Blocking on nextEvent stops other  
threads from running

xlib isn't threadsafe, so supposedly you can crash X (or at least xmonad)  
if you
manage to do calls to X from more than one thread.

I think sjanssen's idea (something started?) of caching common X11 calls  
might be of
use here: have a single thread multiplex all X calls from various threads.  
Are there
any reasons that design wouldn't permit a reasonably safe -threaded (other  
having to somehow prohibit access to, or change the X11 binding)?

Perhaps a better option is if somebody put the effort into porting xmonad  
to xhb instead?

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