[xmonad] Re: Issue 197 in xmonad: Blocking on nextEvent stops other threads from running

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Tue Dec 1 23:46:29 EST 2009

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Comment #7 on issue 197 by SpencerJanssen: Blocking on nextEvent stops  
other threads from running

Reasons we'd rather not build with -threaded:
  - it isn't necessarily supported on all platforms (though the important  
ones, like
x86 Linux do support it)
  - it uses more CPU in idle states, this will drain your laptop's battery  
more quickly
  - multi-threaded xlib is a nightmare

In regards to amdragon's situation, I think it is a violation of separation  
concerns to output non-xmonad status from xmonad.  Rather, it is better to  
run the
clock separately and use some sort of multi-plexer to put the two streams  
See xmobar for a nice application of Haskell's concurrency to combine  
streams from
disparate asynchronous sources.

> Perhaps a better option is if somebody put the effort into porting xmonad  
> to xhb

This may not be feasible.  At the very least it would be quite a bit of  
work and
would require removing some features (xft, for example)

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