[xmonad] cannot build XMonadContrib

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 00:02:15 EDT 2009

* On Wednesday, April 29 2009, Sergey Manucharian wrote:

>Hello list,
>I've switched to xmonad from xfce a couple of months ago and found it
>perfect WM! Today I've decided to compile both xmonad and XMonadContrib
>from darcs. Since I don't have experience compiling haskell programs I
>can't go further after the following error:
> XMonad/Util/Run.hs:134:8: Not in scope: `uninstallSignalHandlers'

This function should be defined in the core, which you built and installed 
first, right?

Even if you did that right, your issue could happen because multiple 
versions of the same library installed can be installed, and also because 
contrib is allowed to accept core versions >=0.8. So perhaps contrib is 
being built with the 0.8 core library (or possibly the actual 0.8.1 library 
which cannot be distinguished from the 0.8.1 version that the current darcs 
pretends to be).

Use, with the addition of --user and --global flags, depending on the 
output of ghc-pkg list:

ghc-pkg list
ghc-pkg hide xmonad-0.8 # optionally specifying a version

And maybe then the most recent core will be used

>Could somebody help me, please? I've tried to google already without
>xmonad mailing list
>xmonad at haskell.org

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