[xmonad] Config feature poll (to use in future documentation/advertising)

Kathryn Andersen kat_lists at katspace.homelinux.org
Tue Apr 7 20:01:16 EDT 2009

On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 03:26:00PM -0300, Ismael Carnales wrote:
> What's the most interesting/practical feature that you have configured in your
> xmonad?

I think one of best features of Xmonad is layout modifiers.  Just the
*idea* of layout modifiers puts xmonad light-years ahead of other tiling
window managers.  Instead of having to create each of one's desired
layouts from scratch, or being limited to a fixed set of layouts, one
can put together layouts like lego blocks.  Even in core xmonad, one has 
the Mirror modifier.

The modifiers I use:
- ManageDocks, Gaps, WindowNavigation, Themes, PerWorkspace
- Mirror
- Reflect
- Tabbed
- IM
- Master
- Named

I did use Combo for a while, but the navigation for it irritated me;
trying to remember whether I was supposed to use the key-combo for Move
or for Shift, depending on whether I was inside one of the combined
layouts or wanting to move between them.  Too many hotkeys to remember.
I was very happy when I realized that I could use the Master modifier to
get the layout I wanted, without having to go through the hoops required
by Combo.

I also use the IM layout, but strangely enough, not for IM.  I use it
for Gimp.  I prefer being able to use Gimp in a tiled way rather than a
floating way, with two tool windows on each side, and the image window
in the middle.  (I don't know why Gimp always starts floating when my
manage-hook doesn't have a doFloat action for Gimp in it -- is it set in
the default config or something?)
> What's the thing that you miss most when using your xmonad config?

Pretty window decorations.  Look, I know the common attitude of those
who use tiling window managers is that decorations are for wimps and
Real Men Don't Need No Fancy Decorations, but then I don't care to be a
Real Man, and I miss my eyecandy.  Even 3D borders would be an
improvement.  Ion had 3D borders, so I know it's not at odds with the
tiling window manager concept.

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