[xmonad] Config feature poll (to use in future documentation/advertising)

Quentin Moser quentin.moser at unifr.ch
Wed Apr 8 05:19:29 EDT 2009

On Tue, 7 Apr 2009 15:26:00 -0300
Ismael Carnales <icarnales at gmail.com> wrote:

> What's the most interesting/practical feature that you have
> configured in your xmonad?
> What's the thing that you miss most when using your xmonad config?

Layout modifiers are a killer aspect for me too, even though I only
use basic ones (mastered, Mirror, named, deco). Haskell as a
configuration language is also an awesome feature by itself, because it
allows me to try ambitious/complex things in my config without knowing
it's going to crash anyway and debugging it is going to take forever
and an eternity. Finally, the XMonad.Prompt modules are a favorite of
mine because of their simplicity and flexibility.

I'd like to see some better floating window support, but most of it is
only a bit of hacking away. I've just written a placement hook that
solves my most urgent problem, and I've also got a small module for
moving/resizing both WindowArranger and floating windows transparently
lying around, which I plan on eventually augmenting with
move-to-edge/resize-to-edge kind of actions before sending it to

So no, actually I don't miss anything.

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